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Coloríginz lives up to originality in the colorful world of roses, flowers and decorative greenery!


This is something special for our customers and end consumers. Because behind the new name are the many years of experience of Rose Connect, OZ Import and Green Connect .

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OZ Flora is a specialised sourcing company for the export market; trading in indigenous flowers mostly from the Western Cape of South Africa. OZ Flora sources from a network of 70 plus suppliers. Our extensive product range, wild-harvested and cultivated are  focused on sustainability and include  – Protea, Pincushions, Leucadendrons, Brunias and a large variety of flowering and green fynbos.



Molter BV is a nursery and breeder of perennials founded in 1998. A wide range of constant, high level quality and flexibility are the main characteristics of our company. To stay true to our characteristics, we make sure activities are taken into our own account as much as possible. These activities include the production of cuttings for planting material, the cultivation of tissue culture, the growing of perennials on our fields until processing and the preparing of plants for export.



Byfod is a cut flower export company based in Holland. We sell high quality cut flowers to importers, wholesalers and chain stores. It is our claim to fame that we deliver all our flowers on time. The flowers we sell come from growers in the Netherlands and from other countries in Europe. Most of the growers we work with immediately pack the flowers in the right units and boxes. ​



Latitude 0° Farms started its operations in 1996 producing and exporting summer flowers like Molucella, Sunflower, Gypsophila, and Minicarnations as the most important ones. In the year 2002 we initiated the cultivation of the Hypericum on a commercial level with Magical Series varieties, as we were the first farm to cultivate the Magical Series in America exclusively. It is currently the only one farm that possesses the bigger area in the production of these varieties.



Helix Australia specialises in the breeding, licensing and marketing of new and improved varieties of Waxflower & Boronia. Established in 2008, Helix Australia is the global leader in Waxflower and Boronia breeding targeting both the cut flower and landscape sectors. Our highly sophisticated Waxflower and Boronia breeding programmes have developed vastly improved flowering characteristics including exciting new colours, unique petal shapes, extended flowering times and improved plant vigor.



AFG Worldwide is synonymous for service and quality alike and has become the best logistical link between farmer and client. We pride ourselves in creating harmonious partnerships with both growers and clients.



Future Fynbos has been focusing on developing the indigenous Floral Heritage of South Africa since 2002. Seeing the potential in the cutflower and potplant industry for new and improved varieties a private breeding company was established. Activities focus on breeding, evaluation, cultivar development and commercialisation of cultivars and management of Intellectual Property Rights. Focussing on the main Fynbos genera of South Africa, Leucadendron, Protea, Leucospermum and some other Fynbos types.

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