Availble Protea's

One of our specialties is the import of Protea's from South Africa and Portugal.


The Proteaceae family to which the Protea’s belong is a unique ancient family which dates back 300 million years. 300 million years of evolution have resulted in a wide variety of proteas, which all have different forms and colors. The different forms and colors make this product very attractive for use in exclusive flower pieces and presentations.


At the moment we have the following Protea's available:


  • Protea Black Lepido
  • Protea Carnival
  • Protea Cyanoroides (King Protea)
  • Protea Grandicolor
  • Protea Limelight
  • Protea Little Lady Candy
  • Protea Longifolia Ivy
  • Protea Pink Ice
  • Protea Repens White
  • Protea Robijn
  • Protea Susara
  • Protea Sylvia
  • Protea White Pride


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