Cape Greens

Cape Green is the name for various South African green products, which grow in the Cape Floristic Region. The region is in the southern tip of South Africa.   The Tabele Mountain and Cape of Good hope are part of the region.


The area is characterized by its huge variety of flora. The Cape Floristic Regions has the greatest diversity of non-tropical plants in the world,  and 6200 of the 9000 species are found nowhere else in the world.


Due true the diversity in this region there is always a wide range of Cape Greens available.
Depending on the season we have 10 till 40 species of Cape Greens available for our customers


Our assortment includes : 


  • Albi Green
  • Albiflora
  • Berzelia Galpinii
  • Berzelia Lanuginosa
  • Berzelia Palacea
  • Berzelia Strawberry
  • Brunia Silver
  • Brunia Spray
  • Cumosum
  • Platstar
  • Platyspermum
  • Plumosum
  • Pubescens
  • Salignum
  • Tortum
  • Jade Pearl





Download here our Cape Green Brochure.

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