Hypericum is a popular floricultural product range because of its large variety and color range. The colours of the berries vary from white till wine red.

Because of its many types and colours, hypericum is ideal for use in a wide range of bouquets. The use of hypericum in a bouquet creates a festive and lively feeling for any occasion.

We are specialized in hypericum since 2003 and also started our own nursery in Ecuador in this year. On our own farm in Ecuador we produce hypericum "Dolly Parton" for the European and American market. Ecuador is chosen because of the favorable climate, which gives us the opportunity to produce high quality hypericum all year round.

The farm is located close to the equator at an altitude of 2950 meters, this makes it the highest Hypericum farm in the world. Due to the unique location and the high intensity of sunlight, our Hypericum develops unique characteristics.
The plants develop larger berries, have a higher resistance against diseases like botrytis and better sustainability, resulting in a longer vase life.

Besides our own variety, we also import many other hypericum varieties from Ecuador and Africa. One of the main varieties that we import are the hypericum Romance Series, which are well known for its intense colours and large berries.

Besides the production and import of hypericum, we are also closely involved in the breeding and development of new varieties. This involvement allows us to steer and monitor developments, so that new varieties meet customer needs.

For the next few months we have available:



- Hypericum ‘Cool Romance'

- Hypericum ‘Dolly Parton'

- Hypericum ‘Happy Romance'

- Hypericum ‘Magical Red’

- Hypericum ‘Mellow Romance'

- Hypericum ‘Rainbow Romance'

- Hypericum 'Selva Romance'

- Hypericum 'Shiney Romance'

- Hypericum 'Smiley Romance'

- Hypericum ‘True Romance XXL’

- Hypericum ‘Wild Romance’


- Hypericum ‘Blushing Romance’

- Hypericum 'Celine Classic'

- Hypericum ‘Dolly Parton’

- Hypericum ‘Jungle Romance’

- Hypericum 'Magical Red'

- Hypericum ‘Rainbow Romance’

- Hypericum 'Rocky Romance'

- Hypericum 'Selva Romance'

- Hypericum 'Shiney Romance'

- Hypericum ‘True Romance’

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