We have a large international network of partners in the floricultural industry. These partners form a tight group that cooperate with each other to optimize the supply chain. Each separately are trusted business partners for many other companies.


Our network include the following companies:

African Flower Growers Worldwide (South Africa)

Supplier/exporter of a wide range cut flowers from the African continent.

T: +2711 975 1773
Bergflora Cape Town (South Africa)
Supplier/exporter of typical African products, supplemented with a wide range of other products.
T: +2721 385 0160
Bergflora Stanford (South Africa)
Bouquet bindery which is situated in the production area around Cape Town.
T: +2728 341 0768
Latitude 0 (Equador)
Farm that mainly grows the Hypericum “ Romance” series.
T: +(593 2) 2368 582
Byfod (the Netherlands)
Online sales and World wide export of cut flower. 
T: +31 (0)85 002 045
Carms (the Netherlands)
European specialist and representative of a large group of African rose growers.
T: +31 297 387 815
Flora United International (the Netherlands)
Flora United is an importer, specializes in the trade of specialty products from Peru, daffodils from the U.K. and a wide spread assortment of foliage.
T: +31 297 387886
Flora United farm (Ecuador)

Hypericum farm, which mainly grows Hypericum Excelent Flair “Dolly Parton”


Flora United Farms Ecuador (Florafasa) is part of the Oudendijk Group. With an extension of nine hectares, the Farm produces Hypericum Excellent Flair for European and American markets. Florafasa began operations in 2003


The farm is located 70km from Quito and 7km from Cayambe, a small town nestled near one of the branches of the Ecuadorian Andes. Its proximity to the Equator (0º 3’ 44’’ N) gives our product special characteristics due to the intensity of sunlight. At 2950 meters above sea level, it is the Hypericum farm located at the highest altitude in the world.


Our phyto-sanitary and agricultural practices ensure the sustainability of our production system. Environmental responsibility is the norm in everything we do.


We take pride in our collaboration with the local community. Not only is Florafasa a source of employment; the Company has substantially contributed with the community in projects that have improved the conditions of the population in the area.   


Our most important asset is our people. Florafasa’s work group is very diverse in terms of its cultural background. They come from different provinces all across the country. Women account for 53% of our workforce, which reaffirms our commitment to gender equality. We strive to supply our customers with the best product.

Flora United farm (Portugal)
Farm with a large assortment Proteacea and other cut flowers.
T: +351 969849201/ +32 477407101
Flora United (Portugal)
Flora United Portugal is an importer of a world wide assortment.
T: +35 1969849201 / +32 477407101
Flora United Protea Farm sa (South Africa)
Farm with a large assortment of Proteacea.
Future Fynbos (South Africa)

Selection and breeding of Proteaceae for Cutflowers and potted plants.

T: +27 (0) 82 972 3600
International Logistic Flower Centre (Equador)
Logistic service centre which specializes in packaging, cooling and export of cut flowers by sea and air freight.
T: +(593 2) 3809266
Sierra Flower Finder (Canada)

The mission of Sierra Flower Finder is to help the floral industry by supporting the development of informed professional florists and wholesalers.

T: +1 888 900 1860

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