Oudendijk has more than 65 years experience in the global trade and logistics of fresh cut flowers, specialising in exclusive products.


Oudendijk has one goal only; to make sure that customers can’t get their fresh flowers anywhere better. Therefore we attach great value to reliability, flexibility, quality and specialism.

Direct from the source to the customer

We strive to be as efficient as possible, from the source to the vase,  without compromising quality.

As we have invested in our own breeding and nursery farms we are in the unique position to offer our customer a wide range of high quality products direct from the source.

Professional skills

With specialized skills and efficient logistics, we supply consistent quality products from South Africa, South America, the Netherlands and the rest of Europe direct to exporters, national and international wholesalers.


Contact Oudendijk import

Mijnsherenweg 4
T: +31(0)297-387 800
E: info@oudendijk.nl

1424 CB De Kwakel

The Netherlands
F: +31(0)297-387 894

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  • Oudendijk
  • Mijnsherenweg 4
  • 1424 CB De Kwakel
  • The Netherlands
  • T: +31 (0)297-387 800
  • F: +31(0)297-383 894
  • E: info@oudendijk.nl