Together with our partners (national and international) we are engaged with cut flowers in the broadest sense, from breeding new varieties, growing, importing, handling, purchase, sales and logistics till packaging and worldwide export.


All these processes, are constantly fine tuned to suit the wishes of our customers in order to  make the supply chain as effective and efficient as possible.


Next you will find the description of our key services.



Oudendijk can purchase your fresh cut flowers for you, our specialized purchasers will purchase the best possible quality for you.
Purchasing via Oudendijk is a stress free process which will leave you more time and energy to focus your attention to the sales of fresh cut flowers to your customers.



Besides the purchase, we also sell fresh cut flowers. We have a large assortment of fresh cut national and international flowers.


When you grow flowers outside  the Netherlands, Oudendijk can do the handling and sales of your products. We will unpack your products at our modern handling location in De Kwakel and will make them ready for direct and auction sales.  Besides handling and sales we will also make sure that the logistics will be optimal.



Good and  reliable logistic management leads to the most efficient route from farm to the customer.
This means that every mode of transport has to be evaluated, not only air or road freight, but also the relative new means of  transport  for cut flowers, like sea and rail transport  We will make sure that your product gets the right transportation so that your products will arrive on time to their destination, with the best possible quality.



Oudendijk imports a wide range of exclusive varieties of cut flowers from all over the world. The largest import countries for us are: South Africa and Ecuador. The quality of the imported products are being monitored by a Cool Chain Score Card.

We also can sell your import products for you, you ship them to the Netherlands and we make sure that your products will be sold.



Oudendijk exports her wide range of flower across the world.  It doesn’t matter to us whether you  are located in Greece, Albania, Russia, the United States or any other country. We make sure that your products will be delivered fast and efficient and with minimum loss of quality.



In cooperation with our partners, we can organize promotional activities around your product. These promotions will be carried out for a certain period and put your product in the spotlight, to make sure it get’s the attention it deserves.


Buying on distance (KOA)

Oudendijk offers the KOA system to its customers, this way you can buy yourself via internet on the auctions of Flora Holland. You choose simple the products and the price yourself. After you have done your purchases, we will make sure that you products get delivered on the location you have chosen anywhere in the world.


More information

Would you like to know more about Oudendijk and its activities, please contact us.

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